September 2008

Message from the Dean
Dear Friends

Free Roundtable Event and Webcast
Wall Street Journal’s Douglas Blackmon moderates U.Va. faculty on race and gender in politics.

Breathing the Fire
Dozier survives near-fatal Iraq-War injuries.

Past Perfect
New Cabell Hall desktops showcase a College tradition.

Honors for Arts & Sciences
Applause and accolades for students, faculty and alumni

Meet the Dean
Dean Meredith Woo discusses resources, crossing boundaries and building opportunities.

How Open Are We?
U.Va. professors investigate the truth about race and gender in American politics.

Two Servings of Negative Rhetoric a Day
Professor Paul Freedman studies political advertising.

Rewriting History
Historian Paul Halliday transforms understanding of habeas corpus and helps the U.S. Supreme Court ensure constitutional protections.

Brett Gosnell’s family honors first-year writers and instructors who exceed expectations.

Two Worlds
Philip Zelikow straddles policy and academia.

Children First
Eileen Olds says destiny made her a trailblazer.

The New Enlightenment
Rumee Ahmed speaks out for reconciliation through religion.

Trompe l’oeil
Studio Art’s newest gallery

Last Look
The Election of a Lifetime

The Annual Fund in Action
Career Development

Online Extras
Can’t get enough of Arts & Sciences?